Kamoto Copper Company DRC

What we did

Made recommendations and provided solutions to improve the operational status of the Kinetic mesh.

The Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) is a world class mining business in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kamoto produces copper and are the one of the world’s largest producers of cobalt. Located in Kolwezi, in the province of Lualaba, their portfolio of assets includes two open pit mines (KOV and Mashamba East), one underground mine (KTO), the Kamoto concentrator, and the Luilu refinery. 

Redline Infrastructure was approached to do a site survey at both KOV and KTO to establish feasibility and possible improvement of the Rajant Kinetic mesh network. With an existing Rajant network at KOV Redline made several recommendations to improve the operational status of the Kinetic mesh. 

At KTO Redline shared a design for the implementation in the underground mine to backhaul real time data from FMS systems on the Fleet vehicles to administrators in the control room.

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